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Collective Impact: 2018 Puget Sound Orca Recovery Day

Infographic highlighting Orca Recovery Day across the Puget Sound which shows swimming cartoon orca under mountains. Highlights: 1 day, 18 events, 27 organizations, and 778 volunteers. With 4 rain gardens installed, 700 pounds of trash collected, and 4,982 native plants installed.

778 volunteers gathered in November to celebrate, honor, and restore our local Orca population at the first annual Puget Sound Orca Recovery Day. The Southern Resident Killer Whales that call the Salish Sea home are critically endangered, with only 74 Orcas remaining.

The initiative began with conservation district led events. Soon, partner organizations joined the initiative. Overall, a total of 18 restoration, planting, and clean-up events took place around western Washington surrounding our local waters.