Better Ground

How You Can be a Conservation Partner

Are you ready to work with your local District to adopt conservation practices and be a good steward to your land?

Initial Site Visit

A trained natural resource planner will walk your property with you, discussing your goals and wishes and learning about your land. All services provided by the district are free and without obligation. We don’t regulate or report.

Create a Plan

The planner will recommend possible actions that align your property goals with conservation best management practices. If you’re a farmer, that may mean rotational grazing, using a heavy use paddock for livestock, cover cropping, or stream buffer planting. For a bluff owner, it may be erosion control and water management recommendations. Each property is unique.

Finalize a Plan

If you are a farm or forest owner, you can finalize your plan with the conservation district board of supervisors. The final plan is a voluntary commitment with a tentative implementation schedule. Revisions to the plan can be made as goals and needs of the property change.

Financial Assistance Eligibility

A plan with your local conservation district may open the door to benefits such as cost share for projects, tax program eligibility, or other services. You can discuss these options with your planner during the planning process.

Implement the Plan

This is the fun part! Once you’ve developed solutions for the natural resource concerns on your land, it’s time to put those solutions to work. Document your progress as you implement your plan, especially if you have been approved for cost share.

Become an Ambassador

Share your story and inspire others to take actions of stewardship on their own properties.