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Youth Education

Youth Education

We’re here to help your students grow in knowledge and passion for the environment.

Your local District partners with organizations and schools to provide standards-aligned, hands-on lessons that strengthen scientific reasoning, environmental awareness and real-world problem solving skills.

Relying on information gathered from field studies and professional insight from staff and partners, your District can integrate local natural resource issues into the curriculum so students can become aware of the conservation issues happening in their communities.

Contact your District to learn about various educational offerings, ranging from in-classroom presentations to extracurricular service learning and teacher workshops. If your District does not have resources or opportunities available for teachers, another county may be able to help you.

Gear Up for Envirothon!

Envirothon is a problem-solving, natural resource competition for high school students. In the field, teams of students are challenged to hone critical thinking skills and work as a team to both answer written questions and conduct hands-on investigation of environmental issues in five categories – Aquatics, Soils & Land Use, Forestry, Wildlife, and Current Environmental Issues.  A sixth component integrates all five test categories and requires teams to use an interdisciplinary approach to present an oral presentation on the current environmental issue.