Better Ground


You don’t need to be a farmer in order to grow food. 

Managing your own garden isn’t just another hobby. It’s a way to reconnect with nature, work towards self-sustainability, and share the (literal) fruits with your neighbors. Gardening is, essentially, urban agriculture! There are plenty of resources for those who are just trying out their green thumb, as well as long-time gardeners who are looking to try something new.

Your local District likely offers an urban agriculture program. This can include:

  • Providing education on the importance of good nutrition and eating healthy foods. 
  • Building community gardens within cities so residents can grow their own food and build food security for themselves and their communities. 
  • Offering classes on starting vegetable gardens, saving seeds, and building raised beds.

Contact your District for more information on how they promote and support urban agriculture within their jurisdictions.

Learn more about food gardens from our partner districts: