Better Ground

Rain Catchment

It's legal!

Rainwater harvesting is one of the simplest ways to start making your landscape more resilient amidst a changing climate. Rain barrels and cisterns capture water from your roof for use at a later time, like during the hot summer months when your plants need it the most. During the winter, this practice can help keep your property clean by reducing mud and runoff around the home and barns.  

Rain Catchment Tips:

  • It is legal to harvest and store rainwater for use on your own property. In most cases, you will not need permits for your rain catchment project.

  • Many conservation districts sell rain barrels and host workshops. 

  • Watch a video on how to build your own rain barrel.

  • Look on craigslist or other sharing sites for ‘totes’ or 50 gallon drums.

  • You can buy cisterns online or through your local farm store.

  • Irrigation lines may be connected to your catchment system, using gravity or a pump.

  • You can safely use captured rainwater on edibles, with some easy-to-follow advice.

  • It is unsafe to drink stored rainwater, but with some planning it can be used for livestock.