Better Ground

Got milk?

As a dairy farmer, you’re a valuable asset to the community. Your local District is here to continue to serve you and assist you in meeting your goals in an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship. The assistance provided to dairy producers currently revolves around helping producers comply with the Washington State Dairy Nutrient Management Act, a state law applicable to all licensed dairies. Your District is not a regulatory authority but rather a partner and a liaison between the Washington State Department of Agriculture and the farm producer.

Dairy producers can request assistance from their local District with the following:

  • A dairy nutrient management plan – a document that is required as part of the Dairy Nutrient Management Act to assist farmers in meeting the requirements of RCW 90.64, which is enforced by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.
  • Technical assistance in the form of engineering designs
  • Permit assistance
  • Soil tests
  • Financial assistance

Dairy farms are not required to work with their District. Other options for assistance in meeting the requirements of the Dairy Nutrient Management Act are available to all dairy producers through consultants and private enterprise.

Check with your local District to ask how they can partner with you. Additionally, visit the Washington Nutrient Management and Dairy Nutrient Management Plan (DNMP) webpage for all of the resources you need for good nutrient management planning. 

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