Better Ground

Manure Management

There's ways you can make it easier on yourself- and useful.

Manure can be a commodity or a nuisance, depending on how much you may have, if you pick it up or not, and where you store it. Your local District has best management practices (BMPs) to help you handle manure and mud in ways that reduce chore time, keeps bacteria and pathogens out of the water supply, and contributes to the health of your animals and land. 

There are several programs in place to help you with your manure needs that your District might offer, such as:

  • Land assessments to help you avoid potentially dangerous areas on your property, such as slopes, ditches and streams.
  • Technical assistance, engineering design, and possible financial assistance for manure storage and composting systems.
  • Manure exchange programs to connect local farmers who have excess manure with local gardeners/landscapers in need.
  • Manure spreader rentals that are affordable, easy to use and delivered to you.
  • Fertilizing, timing, and application needs for your farm