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Additional Resources for Shoreline Living

Additional Resources

There’s always more to learn.

The links below will take you to other websites with helpful information about Puget Sound shorelines. Learn all you can about coastal living so that you can manage your property with confidence.

Coastal Ecology and Processes

WA Department of Fish and Wildlife Shore Friendly Website –  A wonderful resource for additional shoreline information

WA Department of Ecology – Puget Sound Shorelines – Great information, shoreline science, and tips to help you protect your property and Puget Sound.

WA Coastal Atlas – Find your property on this GIS-based map and learn more about marine conditions around your stretch of Puget Sound. You can even find historic photos of your shoreline here, to see how the coast has changed.

Shoreline Armoring Impacts – Information on bulkheads and their impacts to Puget Sound coastal habitats and processes, from the WA State Department of Ecology.

Coastal Geology and Landslides

WA State Department of Ecology (WA ECY)

Puget Sound Landslides information page. Information, maps, and guidance.

Coastal Bluffs and Sea Cliffs on Puget Sound, Washington – An article by Hugh Shipman presenting an overview of the geologic setting, formation, and processes related to marine shoreline bluffs.

WA State Department of Natural Resources (WA DNR) – Geologic Information Portal. Maps and information to help you understand Washington’s geology, landslides, and geologic hazards.

Educational Sites

Shore Stewards Program – great information on many aspects of shoreline living, from WSU Extension. Join their program to stay informed!

Green Shorelines Blog – a great blog focused on improving shorelines for people and salmon.

Gravel Beach – a great blog focused on Puget Sound shorelines, written by a coastal geologist.

The Coast Nerd Gazette – a great blog focused on Puget Sound coastal topics.