Better Ground

Skagit Conservation District

Providing voluntary, incentive based options that support working landscapes while protecting and enhancing our natural resources. 

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Services include:

  • Adult & youth education
  • CREP
  • Engineering
  • Forestry
  • Livestock & small farm
  • Native Plant Sale
  • Stormwater programs
  • Wildfire risk info
  • Forest stewardship


Volunteers are the backbone of what Skagit Conservation District was built upon.  Skagit CD provides numerous volunteer opportunities to engage and involve our local citizens who feel inspired to join us in support of our mission to protect and conserve our natural resources.  From stream and marine biotoxin monitoring, to enhancing salmon and wildlife habitat, applying sustainable gardening practices to reduce stormwater pollution, agricultural technical assistance and funding, providing a leading role in educating their friends and neighbors and much more, Skagit CD volunteers contribute thousands of hours of volunteer service annually.  

Initiated in 1998, the Skagit Stream Team program alone has engaged hundreds of community volunteers who have been gathering high-quality and important water quality data in priority watersheds. The program has expanded to urban streams to support our partnering municipalities and their efforts to reduce urban stormwater pollution.  In addition, the dedicated storm event sampling efforts conducted by Skagit CD’s Storm Team volunteers has been critical in reducing fecal coliform contamination problems in the Samish and Padilla Bay watersheds and protecting Skagit County’s valuable shellfish resources.